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Daniela and Donna serving up their freshly made Asian Coleslaw!



Who are the Organic Housewives?

Organic Housewives is a partership between Daniela and Donna. They are women who are not just about healthy living but having fun while doing it.  Their philosphy of "Poco a Poca" (little by little) knows that small improvements over time equates to big results.  They will share tips, recipes and resources on how to make meaningful healthy changes that will inspire and enlighten you while still having fun in the process!


A little about Daniela...

Affectionately called "la gordita" in high school, she like many of us was trying to lose the "elusive ten pounds".  After much trying, Daniela figured "that's just how I am" and pushed it aside.  While obtaining her degree in Dietetics at the University of Georgia she cleaned up her act and was able to lose the "elusive ten" and was feeling great.  


After graduation came work, marriage and the birth of their first son. Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  It was here where Daniela leaned hard on her relationship with God.  It was during this time that she was graced with knowing that there isn't a "fix" without first loving yourself.  This was the moment that Daniela really began to understand that our bodies are His temple and directed her focus on how to respect and take care of this incredible gift.  She is a great role-model in walking the talk on eating clean, keeping fit and inspiring others.


What motivates Donna...

Despite being a "triple-quadruple" athlete in high school and earning an athletic scholarship to Boston College she will tell you that those accomplishments paled in comparison to trying to maintain a healthy weight.  Between college, marriage and pregnancy the total weight gain clocked in at 56 pounds. During that time the circuit of diets included but were not limited to the chemical laden "health" shakes, low-fat frozen meals and the famous all you can eat "no-carb" program.  So after 15 years of dieting the net "loss" came to 20 pounds.


Her life changed in 2009.  After befriending Daniela and learning (little by little) things like why eating grass-fed beef instead of conventional was so much better for you and why frozen chicken nuggets despite being "low-fat" and "all-natural" were so unhealthy because of the preservatives and chemicals; Donna started connecting the dots. From those initial findings a food researcher, investigator and examiner was born.  From that new beginning a stronger, sleeker and inspired woman emerged.  After being a diet guinea pig for so many years she is now on a mission to not only share the benefits of clean eating with others but how to avoid the abundance of food traps that are so prevelant in today's world.


What is Organic Housewives?  

  • Organic Housewives helps today's superbusy people transition into healthy lifestyle habits that are realistic and sustainable. 

  • We publish healthy recipes, wellness articles and other tips to keep you inspired and healthy!

  • We provide wellness information, product reviews and links to relevant resources by doing the research you don't have time for.  

  • We share the short-cuts and secrets on how to have fun and enjoy the spoils of life while maintaining vibrant health!



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